New product trends for 2021

Helping your patients step up their skincare game with new products for 2021 is both an exciting venture and an overwhelming undertaking. There are many new products out there and even more opinions about which ones are best. Instead, we’ll cover the trends and let you choose the best products for yourself, and your patients.

Probiotics: These bacteria assist your microbiome to keep skin healthy and are bigger than ever. They are making their way into cleansers, primers, and moisturizers, among others. The probiotics in these products work with your skin to restore balance, such as pH, that is disrupted by things like soaps and scrubs. When selecting a probiotic product, look for the research behind each option.

Clay Facial Cleansers: Washing your face twice a day is a good habit however, it can dry out your skin. Clay-based cleansers are known for drawing out oils and impurities while hydrating the skin instead of drying it out. Kaolin is the gentlest type of clay and is a good way to test how your skin will react. Don’t forget the relaxation built into every clay mask.

Glass Skin: This trend is a bit different. It takes a more holistic approach to healthy skin with everything from proper cleansing to sun protection as necessary facets. The idea is for your skin to look and be perfectly healthy without makeup. A healthy diet and lots of water could also help.

HEV Protection: The blue light from electronic devices that keeps your mind stimulated when you’d rather be asleep also affects your skin negatively. To combat this issue, look for specialized products with ingredients like iron oxide, zinc oxide, or niacinamide.There is also research that shows yellow-tinted screen protectors can help block blue light and some computers come with a setting to reduce blue light. Research on blue light itself and its effect on skin is ongoing.

Colloidal Oatmeal: Due to its naturally anti-inflammatory properties, it will likely increase in popularity as people everywhere look for options to control stress. Alongside this one, you may also see the word “inflammaging.” This is the result of low-grade, chronic inflammation caused by certain factors, such as pollution, sun exposure, poor diet, and anxiety.

This is just the start and 2021 is going to be full of new skincare products. Do your research, listen to patient reactions, and develop your list of new go-to products.