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Aesthetic Medical Training in Montana

Advancing aesthetics through personalized training. Contact us today and get into one of our courses today while there’s still space.

Aesthetic Medical Training in Montana

Advancing aesthetics through personalized training. Contact us today and get into one of our courses today while there’s still space.

Your Aesthetic Journey Starts with Aesthetic Advancements Institute

When seeking exceptional training in non-surgical medical aesthetics, Aesthetic Advancements Institute (AAI) sets the standard across Montana and beyond. With over 260 years of combined expertise among our talented nurses, practitioners, and medical directors, AAI offers unmatched education tailored to help medical professionals launch and expand rewarding aesthetics practices.

At AAI, our small class sizes, customized one-on-one instruction, and intensive hands-on training facilitate an exceptional learning experience for students at every skill level. Whether you are new to injectables or looking to refine advanced techniques, our cutting-edge curriculum and practice-building tools equip you with the skills to safely achieve beautiful, natural-looking outcomes that impress patients.

From neurotoxins and dermal fillers to sclerotherapy, we offer a variety of courses in facial aesthetics fundamentals and advanced procedures to meet your career goals. Whether you complete AAI training in Montana or at one of our convenient locations nationwide, you invest in the highest caliber aesthetics education to sustain a successful practice for years to come.

Customized Hands-On Training Sets AAI Apart

As the premier aesthetic education provider, AAI sets itself apart in several key ways:

Small Class Sizes

Our courses maintain a 5:1 student-to-instructor ratio or less to ensure focused one-on-one training and attention tailored to your specific needs.

Personalized Training

We customize our training based on your skill level, experience, and individual practice goals to help you meet professional objectives.

Variety of Courses

Choose from Fundamentals, Advanced or Masters courses focused on neurotoxins, dermal fillers, combination therapy, sclerotherapy, specific products like botulinum toxin or Juvederm, and more.

Convenient Training Locations

In addition to hosting courses at your clinical site, AAI offers training at our conveniently located centers in Montana and other states.

Intensive Hands-On Training

Our personalized instruction helps you gain confidence in performing injections and techniques to safely achieve natural aesthetic outcomes.

Continuing Education Credits

All of our courses provide CME credits to support licensure requirements and stay current in your field.

Comprehensive Resources & Tools

Each course includes training manuals, facial anatomy guides, procedural templates, clinical forms, and other useful practice-building resources.

Master Instructors

Our exceptional team of nurses, practitioners, and medical directors trained thousands across the country to provide unparalleled real-world education.

Industry-Leading Education

Since 2004, the Aesthetic Advancements Institute has set the standard for non-surgical aesthetics training. Our proven curriculum and commitment to individualized instruction continue to set us apart.

Course Offerings

Fundamentals Series

Our Fundamentals series offers introductory training with one-on-one guidance from experts across four main treatment areas to develop core competencies.

Neurotoxin Fundamentals


Comprehensive botulinum toxin training for medical professionals new to injectables. Learn techniques to safely treat fine lines, wrinkles, and facial contouring.

Dermal Filler Fundamentals

Dermal FillerFundamentals

Introductory training on dermal filler injections for volume restoration and contouring of cheeks, lips, temples, under eyes, and more to achieve beautiful outcomes.

Sclerotherapy Fundamentals


Focused education and hands-on instruction on effective techniques to treat spider veins, vascular lesions, and other indications using foam and liquid sclerotherapy procedures.

An Investment That Yields Exceptional Returns

The return on investment in AAI’s aesthetic medical training extends far beyond the acquisition of skills and a certificate. Graduates in Montana not only gain expertise in the latest non-surgical aesthetic techniques but also witness a significant impact on their professional trajectory.

AAI’s immersive and hands-on approach ensures that practitioners leave with the confidence and competence needed to provide exceptional, natural-looking outcomes for their patients. The personalized education, small class sizes, and ongoing support set the stage for an immediate implementation of newly acquired services.

As countless alumni have experienced, this investment translates into an expanded practice, increased revenue, and heightened patient satisfaction. AAI’s commitment to individualized instruction makes it a strategic choice for those looking to thrive in the competitive field of medical aesthetics, making every dollar invested in training a wise and rewarding decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started in aesthetic medicine?

The first step is to pursue training from a reputable institution like Aesthetic Advancements Institute. Our wide range of courses allows medical professionals to skillfully enter this in-demand field. Proper fundamentals education establishes best practices to increase confidence, and competence and earn patient trust.

What are the basics of medical aesthetics?

The foundations include in-depth facial anatomy, technical injection skills for fillers/neurotoxins, treatment planning, and photography, best practices for safety and hygiene, managing complications, and appropriateness determinations for different products and procedures.

What are the differences in the fundamental, advanced, and masters level courses?

Each course level requires a different amount of prior experience from participants and also covers different injection sites for neurotoxins and dermal fillers.  Our fundamental course is intended for beginners, the advanced course requires a minimum of 6 months-1 year of prior consistent experience, and the masters level course requires at least 3 years of prior consistent aesthetic injectable experience.  For a full list of injection sites covered in each course, please view our online course brochure at https://aestheticadvancements.com/2020-aai-brochure/.

Service Area

AAI proudly offers exceptional in-person aesthetics medical training throughout many convenient locations. People come from all over Montana from cities like Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, and Butte to access a premiere hands-on education without leaving your region.