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Private On-Site Training Courses

All of AAI’s courses are offered in both a nationally scheduled group setting or in a private, on-site format.  Private training courses have the same content and structure of our nationally scheduled courses, but instead of you coming to us, we send an instructor to you!

What is a Private Course?

Private courses are held at your medical facility and registration is NOT open to outside participants (only to registrants you determine).

Private Course Topics

Any of our currently offered CME course topics can be held as a private, on-site training course

Who Can Attend?

There is no minimum required number of attendees (1-10 participants are permitted).  Only fully registered medical professionals may attend. As with any of our courses, admission into an AAI course is subject to a verification of each participants license and if necessary any previous required experience. Click here to download our course brochure, which will provide you with additional information on all of the courses we offer and also a pricing structure for these private trainings.  If you are interested in setting up a private training course at your facility, please contact us directly at 800-714-4811 or email Anne Marie Camp at acamp@aestheticadvancements.com.