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5 Tips for Attracting Aesthetic Clients

Building a Clientele No matter what it is that you’re offering to a prospective buyer, it must be marketed right to even gain the attention it deserves. This is especially true among markets with high competition and a specific clientele- much like aesthetics.

When it comes to attracting aesthetic clients, there are several things that you can do to attract them in to coming to your office for treatments. Of course, this includes simple and effective marketing techniques.

  1. Start a mailing list of previous and potential customers. Anyone who has asked questions about your services or showed interest in the past can be turned into a returning client. Take the time to send flyers, promotions and other information to those people. They’re already an interested audience, and staying connected with them will put your name ahead of your competitors in their minds.
  1. Train your staff! Keep your staff up to date with all of the current fillers and injectables offered through your office. Even if you have receptionists who don’t work with the injectables themselves, they should still be fully educated on all products offered. When the entire staff is capable of explaining what it is that you do in regards to cosmetic procedures, customers will appreciate their knowledge and helpfulness.
  1. Social media is the number one thing that all businesses should take advantage of. You can employ social media platforms to keep those who follow your pages updated with the latest office news and any possible promotions. You can even target your ads towards people who like other cosmetic companies on certain platforms! Blogging is another useful online tool that creates an outlet where you can effectively describe and explain the aesthetic procedures you offer.
  1. Offer seasonal discounts and promotions. Customers love a good sale, no matter what it is for. By offering discounts on aesthetic procedures such as fillers and injectables, you are more likely to get new clients and have them turn into a recurring clientele.
  1. Make the waiting room comfortable and keep it clean. By giving guests a place to relax as they wait to be called upon, they’ll come to actually enjoy visiting your office. Patients don’t always have patience for waiting, and by providing them with a clean space to pass the time, one with comfy seating, beverages and a TV, they will feel less dreadful of the waiting process and be more likely to return in the future.

By preparing a strategic, yet simple marketing plan, you’ll find that you’re more effective at attracting a steady clientele. Future clients want to hear about the latest in fillers and injectables. They also want discounts, sales and being kept updated about anything new. Keeping up with them and allowing them to see where they can benefit from aesthetics will only entice them even more!