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Aesthetic Consultations: A True Art Form

aesthetic consultation Whether you are entering the world of aesthetics, or are a seasoned professional, the initial consult of a patient is the most critical interaction, especially if it is a new patient. Connie Brennan, author of “The Art of the Aesthetic Consultation” says, “Providing safe treatments, establishing trust, producing positive outcomes, and creating engaging experiences will ensure loyalty, future treatments, and continued maintenance.”

“Undersell and Over-Deliver”

Your number one priority should be to set realistic expectations with procedures because then once you meet those expectations, the client begins to trust you. A lot of people seeking anti aging treatments often have misconceptions about non-surgical aesthetics. If you talk these over with the client in their consult, and help them manage their expectations, their outcome will likely be much more positive.

How to set realistic expectations?

Show a realistic photograph of your own work. Not the photos from a company brochure, or stock photography from manufacturers etc. but pictures you took yourself of your clients and your successful work.

Set expectations for the process. Not just the outcome they should expect, but the recovery process as well. It’s always better when the patient comes back and says, “Oh it wasn’t that bad.” If you give them the worst-case scenario, their outcomes will always be better than they expected. Tell them the discomforts they may experience; don’t sugar coat it!

The initial consultation is your time to make the first impression: set the stage properly and take the time to outline everything in detail.