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Are Men Getting More Aesthetic Procedures Done?

Aesthetic procedures continue gaining popularity. As people are getting better results from these procedures, there has been a sudden rise in the number of men who are also choosing them as a solution to their aesthetic needs.

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Popular culture has always valued physical appearance, but current shifts have led men to be more concerned about maintaining their looks as they age. Their reasons are unique, and their needs vary from those of their female counterparts.

A Cultural Shift for Men

Today’s culture has shifted to include men in the race for beauty. Popular media and advertising has increasingly featured men as symbols of beauty, strength, and other desirable qualities.

This has given men more of an incentive to take care of their looks over time. They realize that it’s important to their experience in the world, as their appearance affects how others perceive them in their personal and professional lives.

Many doctors have now set up websites exclusively for men. It’s been estimated that the number of men undergoing aesthetic procedures has increased more than 100% since 1997.

What Men Want

The reasons that men have for choosing aesthetic procedures differ from that of women. Traditionally, men have defined themselves through their professional careers. Aesthetic procedures give them the youthful, fit, and energetic appearance that is prized in the business world.

This has led to a rise in the use of Botox and dermal fillers among men. These procedures are minimally invasive and do not require the lengthy recovery times of more complex procedures.

Unique Needs of Men

Men have unique needs when it comes to aesthetic procedures. They prefer not to lose valuable work time for recovery. They also prefer procedures that cause minimal discomfort, and provide more subtle and natural results.

In addition, a man’s skin is distinct from that of a woman. Men have thicker skin, and less fat underneath. As men age, some areas lose volume, making dermal fillers especially popular in their efforts to minimize the signs of aging.

Men are also less tolerant of results that appear extreme or exaggerated. This makes minimally invasive aesthetic procedures the first choice among men.

A large number of men are now getting undergoing aesthetic procedures. This is a natural result of the changing cultural norms around physical appearance.

Whereas women have traditionally felt the pressure of social ideals around beauty, now men are realizing the benefits of maintaining their good looks as they age.

As this trend continues to rise, the demand for high quality aesthetic procedures will grow among the male population. This has created a new market that many practitioners are tapping into with great success.