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Artificial Intelligence, Actual Improvements for Your Practice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has successfully migrated from the realm of science fiction into an actual presence in our daily lives. AI has already revolutionized several industries, with no signs of slowing down on its path of innovation. The medical spa industry may just be the next big break for this coded companion.

What exactly is AI?

At the basest level, AI is the ability of a computer to perform tasks that usually require human-level intelligence and discernment. AI systems are computer programs that ingest large amounts of data with known labels, which will then analyze said data by searching for correlations and patterns. Using these patterns, this program can make decisions and predict future outcomes. Often referred to as the science of making machines think, Artificial Intelligence has automated a vast number of tasks in our daily lives, from navigation to customer support.

That’s helpful for my daily life, how will it help my medical spa?

While the limits of AI are not yet laid in stone, there are already several ways in which AI can assist your practice. More than a few AI companies have identified the medical spa industry as the next big step in automated assistance. From visualized surgeries to scheduling and customer engagement, AI is just around the corner for you and your competition. Below are a few examples of how AI has already proliferated throughout the aesthetic industry.

  • Virtual Consultations – An AI chatbot can provide 24/7 customer support to your patients, recommending products, answering frequently asked questions, and even scheduling appointments.
  • Skin Analysis – Skin conditions are imaged and analyzed by an AI-powered tool, which provides automated treatment suggestions and/or products.
  • Post-Procedure Visualization – The power of AI has begun to allow patients to visualize themselves post-treatment, leading to a more satisfying experience for all parties involved.
  • Patient Safety – When determining a patient’s care routine, AI can cross-reference the patient’s medical history and ensure no negative interactions between your procedure and non-aesthetic treatments. AI can also identify recent, non-aesthetic injuries or illnesses that could impede a successful procedure.
  • Patient Feedback – AI is only as powerful as the data it has to compute. Getting feedback, even something as simple as a numbered response from customers can be a monotonous and time-heavy task. Artificially intelligent chat bots and SMS messaging applications can automate this process for your practice, freeing up employee time to focus on patient care, all while receiving valuable feedback on both an individual and a gross scale.


Artificial Intelligence is here, and it is here to stay. The sooner your practice can not only understand but implement these cutting-edge tools, the more successful it can be.  Patients and customers will start seeing these AI-powered tools in every aspect of their daily lives and will start making financial decisions based on which companies make their interactions seamless and effective. As discussed, artificial intelligence tools can improve everything from diagnosis to scheduling. These increased abilities will lead to more personalized and convenient care for your patients and provide your medical spa with real-time feedback on customer engagement.