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Back to School Promotions For Your Aesthetic Practice

Can you believe summer is almost over? We sure can’t! The end of summer opens a lot of opportunities for promotions and deals to bring in new or existing clients. People will be looking for all the “Back to School” deals that many places offer, so it’s a great time for you and your practice to promote certain treatments.

Below are some ideas to keep in mind for your promotions or deals as we head into the “Back to School” season:

Moms: Kids are going back to school, which means moms have a little more time on their hands. It’s time for mom to pamper herself, so this is a great time to target moms. They spent all summer chasing around kids, working in the yard, and now it’s time for them to do something for themselves. Promote special treatments for moms towards the end of the summer to invite them in.

Sun Damage: Many people will be looking to reverse sun damage from the summer months spent in the sun, especially after the extremely hot summer we’ve had. Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Intense Pulsed Light Therapy or IPL are popular treatments to help with sunspots and weathered skin. Neurotoxin injections such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are also popular for fine lines due to squinting in the sun. These are all treatments that you can promote to help treat sun damage.

Upcoming Holidays: When summer ends, it seems we immediately start thinking about the holiday season. Fall is a great time to promote almost any treatment. There’s also still plenty of time, should there be any recovery or downtime, to heal before the holidays. Furthermore, after any sort of treatment, you want to avoid sun exposure, which is easier to do in the fall.

The end of summer and the beginning of fall is the perfect time to promote just about any treatment. Make sure to promote your deals on your website, on your social media, in your email newsletter, in your practice, and through additional promotional materials. Everyone dreads going back to school, but you can make your clients look forward to the fall with these types of promotions and deals!