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Become an Employer of Choice

We started 2020 with ideas and predictions for the future of work, as far as business was concerned. We ended 2020 with the Great Resignation and the struggle to find qualified and willing employees. Now those two ideas are coming together to help employers create employee-friendly workplaces that will propel businesses into brighter futures.

There are many ways to help your practice stand out from the pack, but here are three that are on the top of employees’ and job candidates’ minds.

Employee Well-being

As people evaluate potential employers, they’re looking at how employee well-being is addressed. This includes strong compensation packages and some sort of physical wellness program, but also mental health, social wellbeing (e.g., company culture), and career development (e.g., training and new opportunities like interesting projects). This is especially true for Gen Z, but the other generations are also looking at how their lives will be impacted by a new job or are being impacted by their current job. You may hear comments from your team members, but you may need to ask them directly how they’re feeling.


Create an inclusive culture where everyone is respected and valued and has access to the information they need for their jobs as well as the information that will help them understand the business now and in the future. Disparities in information access create conflicts and divide your team. There will probably be some information that only senior leaders know, such as the full budget details, but make sure there’s a clear and logical reason for not sharing it with the whole team. People like being treated as adults and word will get around about how well your practice does this, whether it’s through word of mouth or an online platform.

Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is definitely the trend and looks like it’ll be around for the long-term. The appeal is understandable, but how do you manage it for patient-facing roles? That can be the beauty of hybrid work, as opposed to completely remote work. The Cleveland Clinic and others are offering hybrid work as a way to allow people to choose the best place for them to do particular work – a busy clinic or their home office. Figuring out how to make this work consistently throughout your practice can help you recruit new team members and keep top performers.