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Best practices in post-treatment care

Skin care is a deep and broad aspect of a person’s life that’s affected by their genetics, diet, hydration, environment, sleep patterns, and many other factors that your clinic probably doesn’t have much to do with except to give advice. Post-treatment care is, however, almost completely within your control and can make a significant difference in your patient’s experience.

To provide the best possible service, consider the following factors and how they interact with each other. Taking an intentional and patient-focused approach to post-treatment care will not only be better for your patients, but also improve patient trust and referrals. Use post-treatment care to build a brand you feel good about and patients will be drawn to.

Type of treatment

For each treatment, evaluate and document the post-treatment care that’s most beneficial and how it fits with the level of service you want your practice to be known for. Target side effects and the expected recovery process by drawing on previous experience and talking with the manufacturer or another expert resource to ensure every patient’s recovery is as simple, effective, and comfortable as possible.

Individual patient needs

Each patient will have their own set of characteristics and habits that will affect both how the procedure is performed and what will be needed for their recovery. This will also overlap with the pre-treatment care. Will they need a skin rejuvenation treatment to prepare their skin? Do they already follow a healthy skin regimen that will ensure a quick recovery? Design a post-treatment care plan before performing the procedure and communicate it clearly to the patient and relevant team members so everyone is on the same page.

Patient expectations

When everyone’s expectations are aligned, it is far more likely the patient’s recovery will go well. For example, if you know the procedure will require the patient to apply an ointment twice daily for four weeks afterward and the patient thinks everything will be taken care of at your practice, they could be frustrated by their post-treatment care and skip some steps or choose to go elsewhere for their next procedure.

Industry developments and trends

CBD-infused skin care products, luxury recovery retreats, and constant new product releases translates to your team needing to know the latest to continue to provide high-value services patients want. Encourage your whole team to stay up-to-date so your practice can constantly improve and be a trusted resource.