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Build a marketing strategy that works

The pandemic changed everything from how patients select a provider to how you handle post-treatment care and which marketing tactics deliver results. No matter the state of your current marketing strategy, it’s time to find the mix of elements that will set up your practice to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

  • Your practice identity: Current staff members and patients are your strongest marketing partners. They know your practice the best and already have the credibility of their personal experience with it. Ask them how they’d describe your practice. If it doesn’t fit your desired image, start there and find out why. 
  • What’s working now: If everyone agrees on what your practice is all about, ask how your current patients found it. You may be surprised to know most of your patients are coming through current patient referrals or a review section on social media. Look for ways to build strategies around things that are already working.
  • Survey your competitor landscape: Know why your ad, post, or review stood out among competitors. Google Trends and your web host could help, so can asking patients, looking at your competitors’ reviews, or working with a marketing agency that knows your industry.
  • Research where your future patients are hanging out: Look for trends in web search data. Then share relevant content to show your credibility, philosophy, and brand personality. Join popular conversations on social media and let people get to know your practice in an environment where they’re already comfortable. If this piece of your marketing strategy is new, start with one platform, build a reputation there, and then expand to others that make sense for your practice and resources.
  • Measure everything you can: When you run an ad, know the ROI (Return on Investment) it brings in. Follow your web traffic and tie it back to new blog posts, podcast interviews, or whatever was happening at the same time. This will tell you what is worth the time and money to do again.
  • Follow online reviews of your practice: When it comes to anything health-related,  people look at reviews. Know what the reviews say, their impact on your practice, and your role in managing them.

Building a marketing strategy for aesthetic practices, the value you provide, and the people you serve will be infinitely more valuable than simply following the pack. Put in the time and energy to design one that works for you.