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Five 2022 healthcare trends to watch

The beauty industry has continued to innovate and evolve, despite the pandemic and its many health-related complications. If your clients are following the predicted trends, you could see a lot more requests for and questions about these procedures and products. 

Chemical peels

This is a well-known procedure that most people have heard of and your practice probably gets requests for regularly. Since the beginning of the pandemic, at-home chemical peels have continued to grow in popularity. Now that COVID-19 restrictions are being reduced or dropped, more people will opt for the professional version and the variety of depth levels.

“Clean” products

This trend has been building for a long time and some brands have remained on the leading edge, but now everyone is toeing the clean line. “Clean” products are those that don’t include harsh chemicals or ingredients the average consumer has never heard of or couldn’t pronounce, such as detergents. As a result, expect questions about what’s in the products your practice uses, what brands you’d recommend for home use, and the efficacy of ingredients like cocoa butter and papaya enzyme.

Repairing DIY mole removal attempts

DIY is fine for building a new bench to go under the coat hooks you installed in your front hall last year, but social media has also provided much misinformation about the simplicity of removing your own mole. That has led to an increase in the need to repair or diminish the damage of such attempts. Be ready to hear stories about where the idea came from and how it went wrong.

Fermented skincare products

Early research supports the idea that the natural fermentation process does effectively boost potency without the skin irritation that sometimes accompanies other boosting processes. This could lead to better skincare results. For example, anti-wrinkle treatments using fermented red ginseng appear to be more effective than using non-fermented red ginseng.

Sophisticated skincare application

Our skin was designed to keep unfamiliar things out. That often includes skincare products that simply lie on the surface until we wash them off. This conundrum has turned into a trend with application tools that circumvent our skin’s natural defenses, leaving your clients wondering how or if the products and procedures you use are up to the task.

There will no doubt be many trends to discuss this year. Hopefully, these five will be enough to keep you and your team ahead of the curve.