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Helpful Employee Positions For Your Aesthetic Practice

Last week we discussed the process of hiring employees for your aesthetic practice. Although the process can be grueling and time-consuming, once you have the right employees, they can make a world of difference in your practice. This week, we want to discuss some positions that are crucial to your practice and can help you run a successful and smooth office.

Office manager or business administrator: This will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders. An office manager is likely a highly organized person with the ability to multitask. They will likely deal with everyone from clients and patients to other staff and physicians. They can help run the business aspects of your practice, so you don’t have to.

Nurse Administrator: While the office manager or business administrator deals with the business aspects of the practice, it might also be useful to consider a nurse administrator to deal with issues related to the clinical practice.

Front Desk Person or Receptionist: This person will deal with customers as they enter your practice so it is important to find someone who is presentable, personable, and able to communicate with others well. We discussed this extensively in a previous blog post. If you don’t have a separate person dedicated to scheduling, often times this person will also be in charge of scheduling appointments as well.

Billing Personnel: It may be necessary to hire someone to help with all your billing needs. This person will deal with insurance companies if necessary and patients on a  regular basis. They will need to have accounting skills, familiarity with practice management software if you utilize one, be very detail-oriented, and more.

Additional Physicians or Injectors: Additional physicians can be especially helpful if they have different specialty than you. That way you can offer your patients several different treatment options. It also takes some of the burdens off of you.

In starting your own aesthetic practice, one of the major elements is hiring a staff to help you run your business. Having the necessary staff to help you run your aesthetic practice. This can make the world of difference and will not only help you, but your patients will have a better experience as well. Finding the right people that fit your office atmosphere can be hard, but once you find the right ones, it will be worth it. It is crucial to treat your employees well and create an environment that they want to work in order to avoid employee turnover.