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How Do I Get Started in the Aesthetics Industry?

As the aesthetics industry continues to grow, and the stigma associated with having Botox treatment or dermal fillers fades, it stands to reason more people will want to do this for a career. After all, you have the potential to earn a great living and you make people feel good each and every day.

The Aesthetics Industry

However, getting started isn’t as easy as filling out a questionnaire and slapping a sign on a storefront. You must take several important steps to ensure you are properly licensed and legal and able to provide effective service.

Check State Laws

In the US, state laws tend to differ concerning the credentials you need to provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments to the public. No state allows just anyone to provide these treatments, but the level of medical experience and credentials will vary.

Take the time to check the state laws where you intend to treat people to make sure you are fully qualified. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you are an Advanced Registered Nurse and hold the belief that you’re fine to inject dermal fillers, only to discover your state requires you to be an MD. Check first so you won’t have to worry about it later.

Learn the Skills

If you have the background to get into the industry, the next step would be to learn the skills you need to provide the treatments. At Aesthetic Advancements, we offer full training programs and are considered among the top aesthetic education companies in the country.

Basically, you should get in touch with us and find out the best course of action for your specific situation. The specific instructional course you will need depends on your level of experience in the industry and some other factors. Many medical professionals just like you have taken the step to learn all there is to know about the aesthetics industry, so don’t feel like it isn’t possible.

Take Action!

Making the decision and taking the course to learn the skills are crucial steps, but you must also take real action after that in order to “be in the aesthetics industry.”

Once you’ve completed your training, continue on and take the steps required to introduce these services to the public. You may need to find a supervising MD for your practice, supplies, a marketing team, but nothing will happen unless you make it happen. This industry is exciting and it’s fun and the only thing stopping you from being part of it is you.