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How Much Do I Charge for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Services?

Cosmetic injections and similar non-surgical services are big business these days. More and more medical professionals are getting involved all the time as the demand from the public continues to grow.

Non Surgical Cosmetic Services

If you are just starting out in the business or have the aesthetic industry on your professional radar, knowing how much to charge for these non surgical cosmetic services is a key element to your success. With more competition, you want to remain competitive without losing money in the process. Here are some tips to help you set your prices.

Do Your Homework

Having competition is never really a bad thing, and you can use yours to help you figure out how much to charge for your non-surgical cosmetic services. Make sure you check out similar businesses in your own state and make sure the prices are current.

Looking at prices online for a spa that’s across the country from five years ago, won’t do you much good. You need to know how much your direct competition charges for the same treatments, so price won’t be an issue when a client is deciding between the two.

Prices Vary

All around the country, prices for Botox and dermal filler treatments vary quite a bit. Some places will charge by the units of product they had to use for desired effect, while others will charge based on the area that is being treated.

Some of the common Botox prices hover in the $12 to $15 per unit range when charging by the unit, or have set amounts for how many areas are treated; such as $300 for one area, $575 for two or $800 for three.

For fillers, the price will vary depending on which specific products are used and how much is needed to fill in the lines or wrinkles in question. Some treatments can cost in the $500 range, while others are up over $1,000 per treatment.

With the demand they way it is, the prices aren’t likely to go down, which is even more reason to research the situation before setting your prices.

Remember It’s a Business

When you do settle on a price range that seems fair and competitive, don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re running a business. Things like running promotions and seasonal specials, marketing and creating a website are important to your success. Think of it as a whole, and your chance for success will be high!