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How to deal with the nervous client

nervous aesthetic patient

Last week we talked about being low pressure when it comes to your patients so that they are ultimately more satisfied with the outcomes of their treatments. This week, we will dive into discussing the nervous client, and how to handle them so that they have the best experience possible and are happy with the overall outcomes of their treatments.

  • Often times, the best way to handle a new client that is nervous about getting anything done, is to simply say “no.” For example, you can tell your patient, “You are so nervous, I don’t even want to perform any treatment on you today.”  You want your patients to be excited about what they are getting done.
  • Have your other patients, who have given consent to do so, talk with your nervous patient. Talking with their peers, and not a medical professional, will definitely help soothe their nerves. They can discuss and see the effects of your work first hand.
  • Always have before and after pictures at hand. When you’re first starting in the business, it is important to build your portfolio up so that you have these pictures at the ready. Showing your patient visual proof of your work and success will help a nervous patient visualize what they can expect.
  • Credential yourself. This is not the time to be humble. Show off your credentials, your schooling, training, anything you can think of that further credits you, use it. Patients will feel more at ease when they know they are working with an experienced professional.
  • Strength in Numbers. Neurotoxins and fillers used to be taboo and still have that reputation with some people. Show them statistics and numbers of how many people receive these treatments, show them how aesthetics has evolved over time. Education is your friend when it comes to a nervous client.
  • Have the person read your reviews online or have other patients write reviews that you have on hand at the office. When they see all your glowing reviews, they will be less and less nervous.

Overall, don’t be pushy when it comes to a nervous patient. Spend the time educating them, and making them feel comfortable before performing any treatment. They less nervous they are, the better experience they will have, and the happier they will be with the outcomes.