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How to Find a Medical Doctor to Act as a Collaborating Supervising Physician

In a spa or clinic scenario where cosmetic treatments are provided, it is usually necessary for a medical doctor to be involved in the process. Different states have different rules on the extent of physician involvement, with some states requiring an MD to act as a medical director just to get the place opened.

For A Collaborating Supervising Physician

Some states require a licensed physician to be present or to even to perform Botox and filler injections in order to stay within the law. At the very least, a medical doctor should act as a collaborating supervising physician.

Finding a Doctor

Finding a doctor to act as your supervising physician may take some time, but it isn’t an overly complicated process. Basically, you approach physicians and ask if they would be interested in taking on the role. You explain what it would entail, what kind of space you have available and what role you need him or her to perform.

You can approach doctors via regular mail, email or phone calls. If you have created resources within the industry, you can ask them to recommend a specific doctor, or ask where they found the supervising physician in their own facility.

What to Look For

Even if you have a supervising physician on staff, it doesn’t mean he intends to be a big part of the treatment process. The state laws are such that in many cases, the doctor may act as a Medical Director, but that title is more theory than anything else, and he doesn’t feel the need to be on site at all.

When you approach a doctor for the role, ensure that he intends to be an active participant and isn’t just trading his name for a pay check. Some doctors will insist on examining every patient, then will pass them off to an injector, and some will want to perform every injection themselves. Find a doctor that wants to be part of the action and work out the details from there.

Is It the Right Fit?

At the end of the day, you need a supervising physician that is a good fit with your operation. That could mean he has an office on-site, or offers extra services to your clients, as long as the arrangement works well with what you are trying to accomplish. You want a practice that runs smoothly and is covered medically and legally in every situation. Once you find that perfect fit, you’re on your way.