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How to Market Yourself as an Aesthetician

Non-surgical aesthetic rejuvenation is becoming even more popular. Many people, particularly women, are choosing to fight the signs of aging without resorting to plastic surgery. This has created a large and increasing demand for well trained, experienced aestheticians to

  • restore youthful volume in the cheeks and lips with injectable dermal fillers,
  • smooth out lines and wrinkles with fillers and Botox, and
  • rejuvenate facial skin with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and aesthetic laser treatments.

Aesthetician training

This demand has, naturally, led to a greater supply as more people are establishing aesthetic rejuvenation clinics. This demand has also led to unscrupulous persons without adequate qualifications or training trying to establish themselves in the industry.

The challenge for today’s nonsurgical aestheticians is how to market their superior skills, training, and experience.

Print and web marketing

Print is not yet dead, and local newspapers are a good place to advertise. Many papers have weekly or monthly beauty sections where you can find new clients with special offers.

An online presence is essential. Potential clients are searching for the best aesthetic rejuvenation treatments, and they want experienced, qualified aestheticians. Create a well-designed website, clearly showcasing your training and qualifications, and with easy-to-follow descriptions of your services.

Websites should be updated regularly with new copy, so you could add a blog page for frequent updates. Write about all aspects of the skin care industry.

Social media marketing

Create a Facebook page, and keep it updated with new product reviews and special offers.

Create a Twitter account and tweet regularly with beauty industry news, interesting product launches, etc. Make sure you follow people in the aesthetic cosmetic industry. Do not use Twitter to simply advertise your business, but if you have a new special offer you could mention it. Twitter is best used to engage people, and also to keep an eye on the competition.

Entice new customers

If you are just starting out, you must find new customers. They may be attracted by special offers, which you can advertise in print, or on the various online methods mentioned above.

Create repeat customers

Customers will return if they are happy with their aesthetic treatment. Initiate loyalty programs for your customers, or offer price reductions for referrals.


Satisfied customers will not only return, but will do some marketing for you if they write reviews. Make it easy for them to leave reviews on your website.

Sources used in researching this article include Lori Crete The Esthetician Mentor and About.com: Marketing Basics for the Small Business