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How to Set Yourself Apart from Other Aesthetic Practitioners

Educate. Educate. Educate. The key to setting yourself apart from every other aesthetic practitioner is education. When you see a new patient, you need to educate them on what it is that sets aesthetic practitioners apart from someone who may dabble in aesthetics.

It’s who’s behind the needle and syringe that makes the difference

You will no doubt have the occasional patient that says, “I had a horrible experience with Botox, and Botox did this and that to me.” Botox is an FDA approved treatment, so it typically isn’t going to be the actual product that caused the problem. What is more likely is that the patient went to a less experienced practitioner or clinical dermatologist or plastic surgeon that doesn’t perform injections everyday. Again, education is key. What will set you apart as an aesthetic practitioner is that you are experienced, knowledgeable, properly trained, and perform injections on a daily basis; your patients need to be aware of that.

Their face is a blank palette and you are the artist: make a masterpiece

Practitioners need to see themselves as artists – a blend of art and medicine. You are blending safety and science with facial artistry. Those that set themselves apart truly have an aesthetic eye. This comes in time with learning procedures; along with practice, practice, practice! Your patients will pick up on that artistry and greatly appreciate that this is more than just a money-maker for you.

Lastly, to set yourself apart from other injectors, do not bash other practitioners. It may be hard when a patient continues to talk about bad experiences or other injectors, but often times you just need to cut them off, and talk about how you are different, and how you can help them. Professionalism is key to setting yourself apart from other injectors.