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How to Turn Clients into Legacy Clients

We call them legacy clients; clients that have been with you for a long time, keep coming back, and have full and complete trust in you.  These are the clients that you want: they will keep bringing in profit, refer others to you, and grow your aesthetic practice. So how do you make sure your practice is focusing on retention and encouraging first time patients to come back over and over again?

Here is our basic list:

  • Use a patient management software, (we like PatientNOW), to manage your clients. Something like this is very automated: automated emails, reminders, follow-ups etc.  It can also help you in your practice, managing employees, productivity and more. A management system helps make sure that nothing important falls through the cracks.
  • Send birthday cards, or thank you cards. Handwritten cards always add a personal touch to your practice, and show that you really care.
  • Send out regular newsletters or emails to your client base to update them on your practice
  • When your clients call to schedule an appointment, have them talk to a real person, not an automated machine.
  • Have someone in your office call patients and remind them of their appointments or that they may need to come in again for another treatment.
  • Jot down a few notes about your patient’s personal life and ask them about it the next time they are in. (eg “How is the new puppy?” or “Did you move to your new house yet?”). A ‘Social History’ section added to your treatment record in an electronic health record system is great, as you will have that information at your fingertips when reviewed the last treatment the patient received.
  • The waiting area and reception area is the very first impression of your practice a client receives, so make sure it is welcoming, clean, and the check-in process flows well.
  • The last few weeks we have talked about the consult and follow up appointments and how these are two critical times in creating legacy patients.

Customer service is really a key here. Yes, your work and your expertise will keep your patients coming back, but to make sure your whole aesthetic practice is centered around customer service will help make all your patients, returning or new, feel very special. This will ultimately grow your practice.