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Increase Your Revenue by Adding Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Let’s talk about Laser Hair Removal!

We recently added laser hair removal classes to our arsenal of CME courses. You can view more information and upcoming courses near you here

You’ll also notice a series of videos on there from Loretta Nguyen Zanetti, APRN – a nurse practitioner and co-owner of Erasable Inc. Medical Spa & Aesthetics Institute in Tampa, Florida. Erasable Inc. specializes in laser aesthetics, non-invasive body contouring, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Having performed more than 7,000 laser treatments, she has become an industry expert and key opinion leader and serves as an international trainer and speaker. She has also served over 18 years in the US Army as a healthcare provider and obtained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as a family nurse practitioner. Loretta currently works as an instructor here at Aesthetic Advancements Institute, teaching fundamental and advanced techniques for neurotoxins and dermal fillers and is now teaching our laser hair removal classes as well. 

Loretta is an expert when it comes to laser and light therapy, and even calls herself a “laser geek!” She has built her practice around lasers, which has led her to generate a 6-7 figure revenue stream. She breaks that down in our video series, but we thought we’d share a few pearls of her wisdom here too! 

  • Laser Hair Removal has consistently been in the Top 3 Requested Aesthetic treatments for the last decade. So if you have a patient come in for injectables or some other treatment you offer, and inquire about Laser Hair Removal and you don’t offer it, you have to refer them out to another practice. That practice may also offer injectables and other services on top of laser hair removal. Therefore, the patient is more likely to stick with that practice, since they can get a more comprehensive experience. 
  • Laser Hair Removal brings in a different demographic and can help you expand your client base. For instance, hair removal is very popular among men, used by swimmers, people who are prone to razor burn, etc. So you’ll be able to target different people and offer them a more comprehensive experience as well. 
  • Once you pay off your laser device, each treatment is basically pure profit. For example, with injectables, product cost is typically 50% of what you make off of it. There are no consumables with laser therapy. So you have no cost, once the laser is paid off, that you have to account for. It just goes straight in your pocket.
  • The important part to remember in all of this, is that the right training and the right technology is critical. Lasers and light based therapies are medical devices and should be treated as such. It is also important to look into state requirements on what certifications or licenses you must have in order to operate lasers.

If we have peaked your interest enough, check out our laser hair removal class information here or reach out to Anne-Marie at acamp@aeestheticadvancements.com for more information!