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Introducing the Restylane® EYELIGHT™ Treatment: The Latest FDA Approved Dermal Filler from Galderma 

We all know this patient; they come into your office, say they have stayed hydrated, locked in as much sleep as possible, researched and applied every topical cure-all they can find, but eyes still have tired ‘bags’ under them. Several factors come into play when discussing sleepy eyes with your patients, and you know that rest time is only one piece of the puzzle. Lifestyle, age, stress, and genetics all contribute to the infraorbital hollow appearance. More often referenced as the ‘tear trough,’ the semi-circular area under the eyes is a focal point of the face. A new filler from Galderma is now an option for patients who need to by add volume under their eyes.

What makes Restylane® EYELIGHT™ different?

This new filler received FDA approval on May 8th, 2023 and will soon be seen across the country in the coming months. Restylane® is the only Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA®) Technology product in the U.S. What that means for you and your patients is a firm and stable gel that creates projection and definition. Restylane Eyelight is the first dermal filler to receive FDA approval specifically for the tear trough area. 

How does Restylane® EYELIGHT™ treat the tear trough area?

Your patients’ tear trough can give off that ‘baggy eye’ look for a number of reasons. Shadows and dark circles can come from hyperpigmentation or superficial veins, but the majority of cases are due to a lack of volume below the eyes. These hollows will then deflect the light, casting shadows on the skin below the eyes. Providing Restylane® EYELIGHT™ for your patients can provide a a solution, and as discussed above, the NASHA® Technology in this filler can be a more stable and longer lasting option than traditional Optimal Balance Technology (OBT™) gels. 

Do I still need topical treatments and a healthy diet?

As with all procedures, it is imperative that you work with your patients to establish an individualized treatment plan. Bringing brightness back to you and your patients’ faces is more than just filler every 10-12 months. As qualified healthcare practitioners, it is our responsibility to ensure the best possible results, and those are most often realized with a multi-faceted treatment plan addressing wrinkles, lines, diet, and hydration.