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Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal market is growing at a remarkable rate. Pair that with the post-lockdown increase in aesthetic treatments and the fact that summer is only weeks away and it’s clear why your practice may see more requests for it. It’s also an indication that refreshing your and your team’s skills and knowledge on laser hair removal could be a good idea.

There have been several recent stories about laser hair removal mistakes and accidents. Keep your practice out of the spotlight by implementing, updating, or reinforcing safe procedures that are used every time. Here are three ways to look at it.

Skilled staff

In most states, laser hair removal is considered a medical procedure. Other states require licensed laser hair technicians. Know what your state requires and ensure that your team is qualified to perform this procedure and have a plan for how to maintain these skills. Prioritizing skills and competencies is one of the most basic ways to prove your practice’s trustworthiness and value.

The competencies include understanding how laser hair removal works and how it might affect people with darker skin or lighter hair. The lasers target darker pigments and could mistake flesh for hair. Similarly, lasers are less effective on lighter hair because of the lack of pigment. There have been advancements in the technology to account for all colors of skin and hair. Your team needs to know which options will achieve the best outcomes for each client.

Create a culture of safety

Safety is a key topic in many industries and ours is no different. The skilled professionals who perform laser hair removal procedures are only part of what keeps everyone safe. The other piece is creating an environment where everyone believes safety is part of their job. Encouraging safe behavior can be as simple as setting clear expectations and telling someone they did a good job. Build from there and find what works best for your team.

Review processes and procedures regularly

Whether it’s laser hair removal or something else, keep your processes and procedures up-to-date with annual reviews that include your whole team, feedback from clients, and any regulatory changes. Laser hair removal is evolving in technology and legislation. Incorporate all of it into your practice’s way of working.

Summer is the season for hair removal, no question. Take these steps to serve your clients well and make your practice a place they will recommend to their family and friends.