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Making a Career Move into Aesthetics

career in aesthetics Are you tired of your current job? Are you wanting something new and exciting in a fast-paced industry? Then the aesthetic industry may be for you! But, where do you start?

A career in the aesthetics industry is becoming more and more popular as more people lean towards non-surgical treatments like injections to help with anti-aging and picture-perfect looks. Millennials are entering the market at high rates thanks to social media and their peers. They are spending more money on aesthetic procedures in comparison to other generations. So, it’s no doubt, a great industry to be in and it will only continue to rise in popularity.

  1. The first step to entering a career in aesthetics is to receive the proper training. If you are not already in the medical field, you will, of course, need to obtain an appropriate degree. The credentials required to practice in each state are different, so you will need to do the research to determine what type of degree is needed to administer injectables. Or, if you are already in the medical field, whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, or another medical professional, you will need to receive the proper training in injectables and any other treatments you may want to offer such as lasers, coolsculpting, etc.  Here at Aesthetic Advancements Institute, we offer training in Neurotoxins, Dermal Fillers, and Sclerotherapy treatments for beginners as well as master injectors.
  2. Get the right certifications. The American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses (ASPSN- renamed The International Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses – ISPAN ) established the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board (PSNCB) which developed the Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Exam (CANS Exam). The CANS exam helps demonstrate to both patients and potential employers that you have the knowledge and competency to perform these cosmetic procedures.
  3. Obtain a part-time position at an already established practice. Being in an established practice has multiple benefits. You can learn from the – other injectors and practitioners that are there while gaining experience of your own. This is where you can start building your patient base as well.
  4. Establish a loyal patient base. This, of course, can take time and develops and changes over the years. But it is important to establish this early on to help advance your career.
  5. Branch out on your own. Once you have received the proper training, gained some experience, and built up a patient base, you can start thinking about branching out on your own. You can add your new found skills to your existing practice, or you could even start your own practice.

While the process of switching career paths and entering a career in aesthetics is not a quick transition, and you must receive all of the proper training first, it can be a beneficial adventure. Adding these types of services to your practice can be very valuable to both your patients and your practice. It’s also vital to continue your education in aesthetics. Once you receive the proper training, especially in the aesthetic industry, it is key to continue to learn and advance your skill set.