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Maximizing profit with body contouring: 3 Tips

Recently we wrote an article about the types of body contouring treatments available.

Body contouring packages can be some of the most lucrative offers for a medical spa. To maximize profits we have some tips on how to price your body contouring treatments.

As a reminder, body contouring offers a less invasive option than surgery. Non-surgical body contouring services are called lipolysis which is the process of breaking down fats and lipids into glycerol and free fatty acids through hydrolysis.

Baseline your numbers

Do you know, down to the number, how much it costs your medical spa to provide each body sculpting service? If not, your first step is to get that concrete figure. Don’t forget to factor in all the costs, both indirect and direct that contribute to the overall price of delivering body contouring sessions to clients.

Direct costs are expenses that are directly related to providing a service, such as supplies used for the treatment and labor associated with it.

Indirect costs are business expenses that cannot be directly traced back to a specific product or service. Indirect costs include marketing, rent, utilities and insurance.

Keep an eye on your competition

Knowing what your competitors charge is essential to setting prices because it gives you a benchmark from which to work.

When you collect your competitor’s pricing data, you avoid the risk of setting a price too high for customers and going below what is sustainable.

Because of today’s digital world, it’s relatively easy to scope out what competitors charge.

Identify your ideal client persona

Who is your ideal body contouring client? What stage of life are they in? What is their monthly budget for luxury and self-care spending? Spending time defining these details for your practice will help you identify the right pricing. 

If your clientele has an entry-level budget, use that to inform a plan to get higher volume. Offering bonuses and special deals can be the right path for entry-level client budgets.

If your clientele has a luxury budget, use that  information to inform your marketing strategy. Include more high-end features in your messaging, branding, and advertising.