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NeoGraft: A Revolutionary New Device for Hair Transplantation Surgery

For those of you who are presently offering, or would like to offer hair transplants, we have recently learned of a new device that seems to have a great deal to offer.  Hair transplants can add significant dollars to a practice, particularly when they can be done with little trauma to the patient, and can be done fairly quickly.  The NeoGraft unit is being marketed to answer both of those concerns.  See article below.  For more detailed information, complete the information below.


NeoGraft is a revolutionary patented hair transplant machine that automates FUE hair transplants.  The NeoGraft machine is the product of several years of research and development. NeoGraft is a patented machine that uses the most advanced instruments to achieve a level of excellence in the latest method of hair transplantation called FUE.  Most doctors still use the traditional manual STRIP method which requires the doctor to surgically cut and remove a strip of scalp from the back of the head.  The NeoGraft hair transplant machine eliminates the need for this type of painful surgical procedure.  An FUE transplant using the NeoGraft machine is the least invasive technique for doing hair transplants, with the least complications.  Down time is minimal. An Fue transplant simply removes each follicle separately from the back of the head and transplants it to the bald areas.  NeoGraft harvests follicles of excellent quality with a low transection rate.

The technology that created the NeoGraft machine addresses issues that had been problematic with other devices that are used for extracting individual follicles.  There are spinning tools, or oscillating tools that some doctors use for an FUE hair transplant. These create a great deal of torsion and friction as the tool spins around at high speed.  Torsion can cause damage to the follicle. Friction creates heat which can damage the follice as well. NeoGraft technology overcame these problems with a dual action system that is under the control of the doctor, not an automatic motor that spins the punch around quickly.  The NeoGraft device uses minimal oscillation which is controlled by the doctor.  Each time the doctor uses the punch there is a short, quick, very small rotational spin, just enough to loosen the follicle.  Spinning stops as the suction mechanism takes over to extract the already dislodged follicle. With this technology NeoGraft does not induce any damaging torsion nor heat. The NeoGraft transplant machine is currently being used in several European and Asian countries.  Over 6,000 hair transplants have been done in the last three years using NeoGraft with excellent, natural results.   NeoGraft is now available in the United States.


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