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Predictions for the Aesthetic Industry Post-COVID-19

As practices and businesses begin to re-open in the era of post-COVID, many people are wondering if their industry will bounce back or not and what to expect. That is especially true for the aesthetics industry. Here are some thoughts to consider about the aesthetic world:

  • The cosmetics industry ALWAYS bounces back. Time and time again, the cosmetics industry thrives in the face of tough situations. People want to feel good about themselves, and so they will continue to support the products and services that help them accomplish that. Not to mention, everyone that has been using Zoom and other video technologies might be triggered or driven to seek new treatments.
  • The demand for non-surgical treatments will increase. Especially with fears surrounding COVID, there may be more people searching out non-surgical treatments for the foreseeable future.
  • Telecommunication and virtual solutions will continue to remain important. Especially for initial consults and post-treatment follow-ups. For the time being and foreseeable future it is a great alternative to seeing patients in your office. Doctors and physicians who offer virtual options are continuing to stay busy and available to their patients.
  • Flexible work schedules will stick around. Many businesses are going to stick with the flexible schedules and work-from-home options, which will open doors for more appointments. People have more time to schedule appointments and follow through on treatments, so you should anticipate your schedule to fill up.

Although the industry has taken a large hit during the pandemic and mandatory shutdowns, we have a positive outlook on the future. While we will need to take our precautions and restrict certain parts of our business, we feel that our clients and customers will return and want to feel better about themselves.