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PRP: The “Liquid Gold”

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has been deemed “liquid gold” for its all the benefits it has for the skin.  PRP is obtained  from a sample of your blood which is taken and centrifuged, separating out the red and white blood cells from the plasma. The plasma is the important component which contains a high concentration of platelets, stem cells, and growth factors. After filtering out the blood cells, you are left with a yellowish liquid full of plasma and a higher than normal amount of platelets.

The PRP can then be injected like a dermal filler into the patient’s face, or it can be used with micro needling like we discussed last week. You may have heard of micro needling with PRP before, as it is commonly referred to as the “vampire facelift.”  Kim Kardashian made this even more well known when she posted the picture of her face covered in blood after receiving a vampire facelift.

Why would you inject your own blood into your face? PRP Injection

Instead of using a synthetic material on your face, or injecting one, you are using your own growth factors already existing in your body. When platelets are activated in the body, they release growth factors. These proteins are able to accelerate tissue repair as well as improve wound healing. The PRP acts as a matrix, promoting your own collagen to grow and regenerates tissue growth. PRP has also been used to treat injuries in athletes, as it accelerates the healing of the injury or in tendon and musculoskeletal injuries such as tendonitis or arthritis. PRP with micro needling has been very effective in treating acne scars as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

The side effects are very minimal if it is used properly. PRP can be very beneficial for those who don’t necessarily tolerate other products, as a PRP injection is something that came from your own body.

We have talked about PRP and micro needling the last few weeks, and how it can be a great anti-aging treatment, as well as a wonderful skin rejuvenation technique. There is one more use that PRP and micro needling can be used for; hair loss. Stay tuned for next week where we will discuss the “liquid gold’s” ability to help with hair loss.