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Skin Care While Traveling

When traveling, we usually think about the destination’s climate, what we’ll be doing, and who we’ll be going with. There is a bit more to it, though, and some of those things can make traveling a lot easier.

Packing skin care supplies is always a challenge. Here are a few tips to help travelers streamline and lighten the load.

  • Trade bottles of liquids or gels for bars or wipes: This not only reduces the chance of leaks, it also reduces the number of bottles that must fit into that one-ounce bag allowed in carry-ons.
  • Downsize: Bring only the amount needed for the trip rather than the whole package. Save money in the long run by choosing reusable travel-size containers and refilling them from larger containers before leaving home.
  • Buy some things at your destination: If it’s easy to find and not too expensive, buy it upon arrival.
  • Use only the essentials: Travelers can save space by evaluating which skin care items are absolute musts. If you could go without a specific item for a week, leave it at home.

Skin care at home can be as elaborate and time-consuming as we want it to be. That all changes during travel when there’s a dinner reservation to meet or a bus to catch. Suddenly, our skin routines need to flex and it’s better to figure out a workaround before leaving home.

  • Always wear sunscreen. Period. One way to make room is to use a moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen included, but that will only take care of part of the body.
  • Moisturize in flight: Airplane air can be drying to the skin. That means travelers need to come prepared, especially for long flights, including before, during, and after the flight. A cleanser and moisturizer will be key.
  • Forget the long-lasting makeup: These products will dry out skin even further. It’s far better to reapply products that will protect our skin’s moisture while in transit.
  • Maintain a consistent skin care routine: Big changes can result in break-outs or other irritations.

As you think about how to work this into your appointments with patients, look at trends in travel destinations, think about where your patients are from, and ask for more information about what they’ll be doing while traveling. Helping them figure this out could be a great way to deepen your relationship and the value you bring to it.