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Summer Aesthetics Part 1: Adjusting your marketing

Every summer, we see the magazines at the grocery stores: headlined with swimsuit models, “how to get your body summer ready,” and “the hottest summer trends!” Social media, online magazines, and stores all adjust their messaging for the summer, or rather, for every season. Publicists, editorial calendars, everyone has a schedule that focuses on different topics at different times throughout the year. So why shouldn’t you?

As an aesthetic practice, you have to adjust your marketing and your messaging to attract the attention of customers. Use resources like magazines, social media, what people are googling during different times to adjust your message accordingly.

What does that look like? marketing plan training

So how do you adjust your messaging for the time of year? Here are some marketing plan ideas we found that focus on the summer months as summer is fast approaching.

  • Skin care tips for summer – generate a list of the best skincare tips and have them at your office, on your website, etc. Stay tuned for next week and we will give you our best list of tips.
  • Offer summer specials – Offer a bundle deal: receive a treatment and get a free sunscreen and hydrating cream or something to that effect. Setup summer-y displays in the office to promote.
  • No-downtime procedures –  During the summer, people often think that because they will be in a swimsuit, or out in the sun, they shouldn’t have a procedure of any kind done. Focus your marketing on the fact that minimally invasive procedures such as laser hair removal, botox, or fillers, have little-to-no downtime. So clients can be enjoying their summer barbecue or the beach while looking great and not sacrificing any time.

Summer is also a great time to catch up on follow-ups with clients. Summer is typically slower in aesthetics, so take advantage of this time to offer these summer bundles, attract new clients, follow up with past clients, and most importantly: have fun.