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Summer Skincare Preparation for Your Practice

Summer is a popular time to look your best. You may already have seen an uptick in appointments. Even if that’s not the case, there are still things you can do to prepare your team and physical space for the summer season.


If you live in an area that gets a lot of tourism, you may see more patients who don’t live nearby. Prepare for them by thinking of post-treatment care from the perspective of not seeing the patient in person again and the patient needing to either travel soon after or handle their own care in a hotel room away from their own bathroom or recliner. What would need to be different?

Spring cleaning

Your practice had sanitation practices before the pandemic and now they’ve been ratcheted up, but this could still be a good time to look at the areas that aren’t normally focused on. Think about the spaces people don’t normally go into, update the magazines in the waiting room, and use the white glove test on the things and places you think are already as clean as possible. Then be ready to maintain these standards throughout the day and the seasons.

Get ready to flex

Not only is it summer, it’s the first summer since 2019 when most people feel safe getting back to their usual summer activities. Take this opportunity to delight your customer. Streamline your processes to accommodate more appointments, take extra measures to maintain patient privacy despite more traffic through your practice, and work with your team to improve those tasks that guzzle time and energy. Smooth processes and patient experiences don’t happen by accident.

Market summer services

Put a summer spin on your marketing strategy and get people thinking about reasons to come to your practice. Tie it to a local event, highlight summer benefits of certain services, or revamp the color scheme to fit the summer weather. Whatever you do, it’s okay to have fun while you educate your market about the value your practice offers.

Care of your team

Tourists aren’t the only ones who want summer vacations. What is it like for your team members to take time off? Is there someone who covers for them or do they come back to a mountain of work? Does your practice’s vacation request process work? Getting time off right is another way to retain and recruit team members.