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The Best Aesthetic Treatments for Winter Months

winter aesthetic treatments The last few months, we have been talking about summer skin tips, such as choosing the right sunscreen, what treatments to avoid, etc. Now, as we are heading into the winter months, we will look at the best cosmetic treatments to receive during this time of year.

We tend to hibernate in the winter, as opposed to the summer months where we spend more time outdoors. Therefore, winter is a great time to get treatments that might have a little longer downtime or recovery time. It’s also a great opportunity to repair the damage that is caused by the summer months and sun damage. Here are a few examples of treatments that are best saved for the winter:

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL): IPL is used to treat redness, “sun spots” or pigmented areas of the skin as well as spider veins. This is a great treatment for winter months because staying out of the sun is crucial to the effectiveness of IPL. Sunlight can lead to darkening of the treated areas.
  • Laser Hair Removal/Laser Treatments: This treatment is best done on untanned skin because it reduces the risk of pigmentation. Minimal sun exposure is also crucial to proper healing.
  • Chemical Peels: Peels help with the evening of the skin tone, and again, minimal sun exposure is crucial to the healing process. Plus, peels can make your skin more susceptible to burn.
  • Sclerotherapy: After the treatment of veins, there is a chance of hyperpigmentation, so it’s best done during “pants season.” Sometimes patients will need to wear compression socks or hose as well, which is not ideal in the summer heat.

Basically, the winter is the best time to get a cosmetic treatment performed. Proper healing time and minimal sun exposure will help the healing process and ensure proper results. Next time, we will talk about how to care for your skin in the winter months when cold weather can dry out your skin.