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The Importance of Sunscreen, Even During a Pandemic

While we’re spending a lot more time in the home and a lot less time outdoors during the pandemic, it is still critical to address the use of sunscreen now that the summer months are upon us.

choosing a sunscreen One of the biggest misconceptions of sunscreen is that if you’re in the house all day, you don’t need to wear sunscreen on your face. WRONG. UVA light can penetrate window glass, so especially if you are sitting near a window during the day or whether you’re at work or at home, you are exposing your skin to UVA rays. UVA light is the biggest culprit for aging skin and skin cancers, so any exposure to it can heighten your risk. If you are leaving the house, only to run into a store, it is still critical to wear sunscreen. Those few minutes walking from your car to the store can expose you so it’s important to protect yourself. Therefore, sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine whether you are staying inside all day or not. Explaining this to your patients is crucial.

A survey from the American Academy of Dermatology said that 76 percent of people think that sunscreen is important but only about 40 percent wear sunscreen. That’s a large discretion. It is vital to educate your patients, friends, or family members on the importance of sunscreen. Sometimes mentioning that sunscreen can help decrease aging signs, as well as decrease skin cancer risk, can help encourage people to wear it. By simply wearing sunscreen every day, you can decrease signs of aging, it’s that simple.

Many people will complain that they do not like the feel of sunscreen on their face, that it is greasy and makes them break out. However, there are so many new and different sunscreen options on the market that it makes it possible to find one that works for everyone.

Make sure you educate your patients on the importance of sunscreen, even if they aren’t leaving the house, or are just leaving for a few minutes. Applying sunscreen should be a part of everyone’s daily routine to help decrease the signs of aging.