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The rise in popularity of lip injections

The demand for aesthetic beauty treatments in general has increased dramatically in recent years, leading to increases in the number of clinics offering them and investors who want to support them. It’s logical to wonder why this happened. Let’s explore the top reasons experts are pointing to and how they’re affecting our industry.

Increase in treatment options

The amount of innovation in the aesthetic industry has also skyrocketed recently. There are more and more less invasive procedures available. These are more appealing to those who may not consider surgical alternatives. Also, more providers are entering the market and they’re reaching previously untapped markets, like emerging economies in South America and Asia.

Friendlier sounding ingredients

When a product is linked to a toxin or synthetic ingredient the average person has never heard of, the skepticism comes easily. Many recent developments in aesthetic treatments have opted for ingredients people know or ones that occur naturally in our bodies, like the hyaluronic acid that’s found in human tissues. Again, this makes aesthetic treatments more intriguing to more people. They don’t have to get over the idea of putting XYZ into their skin because they already know CBD or green tea extract or can accept the idea of using their own platelets to rejuvenate their skin.

Ways to pay

It used to be that when someone wanted to “get work done” they’d be looking at a significant cost. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Part of that is the trend away from surgery to lower cost treatments and another part is the number of payment options being offered. Clinics are also offering subscriptions, service packages, and membership discounts. 

Social media

Filters, the perfect shot, and the rise of social media influencers have more people thinking they, too, would like the glossy, nubile look that has stormed nearly every platform out there. Ads, magazines, and now every device are giving reasons and evidence to give more thought to how we look. Which influencers do your patients follow? How do their electronic habits impact their aesthetic spending decisions?

The pandemic

In a nutshell, the more people looked at themselves during video calls, the more they wanted to nip this or tuck that. The pandemic has inspired many more people to not only choose lip injections but also surgical procedures to take care of sagging skin and other aesthetic concerns.