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The Summer to Splurge

The pandemic has meant foregoing many things, including professional skin care treatments outside of the home. There have no doubt been many experiments in kitchen sinks that haven’t lived up to the hype or the memory of how it feels to have a professional achieve better results in a beautiful, well-equipped practice, salon, or spa.

People are ready to break that streak of DIY skin care. That’s why record numbers of clients are already booking aesthetic treatments of all kinds for this summer. That is, of course, good news. There’s no such thing as too much business, especially for industries like ours that have been hit hard by the various lockdowns and client wariness. The rise in demand will also present its own challenges, the best kind of challenges.

It’s still important to recognize the much more serious effects the pandemic has had and the tremendous loss of life. There is no doubt that many have suffered life-changing losses they will continue to grieve.

One way we humans deal with drastic change and turmoil is to make big changes to the things we have control over, such as our appearance. While hair stylists are seeing cut and color upsets, the skin care world is seeing spikes in injectables and hair removal services. People want to feel “normal” again and they want to look their best.

The longer people have been stuck inside, the stronger the urge to shake things up at the first opportunity, which is now. As vaccination rates rise and restrictions are eased, many people are choosing to celebrate. Summer is normally a popular time for certain treatments, but summer 2021 looks like it will set some new records.

When clients arrive, they’ll be full of stories about home treatments with varying degrees of success, as well as other things they had to give up during the pandemic, and how much they’ve looked forward to coming in again. Be ready to listen, laugh, commiserate, and celebrate. Take that into consideration as you gear up for the summer and set the tone to welcome everyone back. There are new products and advancements in treatments to share, curiosities to unravel, and communities to renourish. 

Your clinic staff are probably just as excited to see everyone again. Have fun with it. Talk to your teams and get their ideas of how your clinic will stand out from the rest in this busiest of summers.