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What Are the Most Profitable Aesthetic Treatments to Specialize in?

Clients are willing to pay for aesthetic treatments, even if they’re not covered by insurance or reimbursed in other ways. Due to the popularity of the beauty industry, clinics respond to the demand by offering a variety of aesthetic treatments and products. With all the different procedures available, it’s important to choose ones that are best for your client and business, and the most profitable aesthetic treatments.

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Keeping Up with the Competition

Analyzing your competitor’s strategy reveals helpful hints which can be applied to your own business. Surprisingly, fewer medical spas reported offering acne treatments, holistic or wellness treatments. Given the hormonal changes that lead to breakouts, many teenagers and young adults struggle with achieving clear skin, however, many clients turn to other methods for treating acne. The numerous options available in the market means lower clinical demand where a face wash or medication will do.

Non-invasive Treatments Against Aging Are Profitable and Popular

Botox and other injectables and facial fillers are in high demand as a suitable replacement for the fountain of youth. The downtime for recovery is minimal, results are immediately in effect, and procedures are generally affordable. Botox and similar products are sold by the unit. In addition, you’ll have other costs, including needles, gloves, saline, gauze, and administration and application labour, although you may offer other amenities like an ice pack for swelling.

The market price that you can charge for fillers leaves you with a substantial net profit, and a returning customer means a repeat profit every 3 to 4 months.

Chemical Peels for Surface Improvements

Chemical peels improve the smoothness of skin, so in some sense it’s similar to dermal fillers which improve the appearance of wrinkles. Unlike fillers, chemical peels work using exfoliation and only affect the external layers of skin cells, which is a great option for clients who are uncertain about cosmetic procedures. Facials or peels aren’t difficult to administer, so the payoff to profit ratio is very appealing.

Microdermabrasion as an Alternative to Chemical Peels

Microdermabrasion uses a machine to finely sand away the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving behind a fresh new layer. At this time, if you wanted to apply moisturizing or nutritive creams, absorption is greatly enhanced.

Other popular treatments include laser hair removal, massage, and scar or stretch mark removal. These procedures may require special equipment and appropriate technicians.

While the most profitable aesthetic treatments are constantly changing, any of the above areas are sure to turn a great profit for anyone specializing in the industry.