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What Credentials are Required to do Injectables in my State?

Injectable aesthetic enhancements are a growing field in medicine. As the field grows, so do the number of people permitted to give injectables.


Although in early years most states restricted injectables to physicians, now, in most states, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses also can give injectables if they have been properly trained.

Finding State Policies

In most states, the type of degree held by a health care practitioner determines whether or not the practitioner can practice injectables.

You can research your specific state’s policies by finding the state’s medical board website here. On the medical board website, search for ‘botulism toxin and dermal filler credentials’.

If you fail to find acceptable results, you can check out Medscape for links to nursing associations, many of which post their state’s injectables credentials.

Choosing the Right Training Program

The most basic qualification in most states is to be a cosmetic nurse. If you do not have any training in cosmetics, you should enroll in an intensive training course to develop core competencies in the field.

Beyond the specialization, most clinics insist that their staff demonstrate core competencies related specifically to injections. Practitioners are also required to meet certain standards, consensus statements, and guidelines (Carruthers, Fagiern, Matarasso, & the Botox Consensus Group, 2004; Matarasso, Carruthers, Jewell, and the Restylane Consensus Group; 2006; Shetty, 2008).

To meet these guidelines, you will need specialized training. The amount of training you need depends on your medical skills and experience.

If you have no experience in aesthetic advancements, it is essential that you enroll in a high-quality course in the fundamentals. In the highly competitive world of aesthetic advancements, clinics only hire practitioners who have completed fundamental courses.

Aesthetic technology is changing all the time and practitioners need to keep learning to keep up. If you have experience with aesthetic enhancements, take advanced courses regularly to keep your skills sharp.

Learning facilities like Aesthetic Advancements give you all the knowledge you need and will prepare you for a successful and fulfilling career in injectables!