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What is the Salary of a Licensed Aesthetician?

The salary for licensed aestheticians varies depending on their qualifications, experience and for whom they are working. As a general rule, the better qualified aesthetic clinicians, with the most experience, can command the highest salaries.

The Salary Of A Licensed Aesthetician

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for skincare specialists is rising, and is expected to continue to rise at a faster rate than the average for all occupations. This could be due to the increasing demand for non-surgical rejuvenation treatments with little or no downtime.


In general, there are better employment opportunities in cities, such as San Francisco which had the highest salary for medical aestheticians (on average $27 per hour). The state economy is also a factor, as salaries are higher in states whose economies are doing well. For example, salaries in Washington State and California are the highest in the field of medical aestheticians (on average $20 per hour). Salaries for plastic surgeon aestheticians were lowest in Hawaii.

Aestheticians working for a salon

Average salary $15.40 per hour (according to Ask). Well qualified aestheticians could earn $30 per hour.

Aestheticians with specialized skills will command the higher wage. Aestheticians with an extensive knowledge of clinical skin care procedures will be in greater demand. Aestheticians who are trained in the use of aesthetic laser treatments further increase their options, as they can offer acne treatments and tattoo removal in addition to skin rejuvenation procedures.

Aestheticians running their own business

Average salary depends on the success of the business. Sessions can be $150 per session.

Aestheticians with an established client base often start their own practices. Successful licensed aestheticians can therefore expand their business, even hiring others. It’s essential to keep up to date on new advances in non surgical rejuvenation techniques in order to offer clients the best options.

Aestheticians working for plastic surgeons

Average salary $40,000 in 2014 (according to Indeed.com, reported by Chron)

Cosmetic plastic surgeons often hire aestheticians to provide pre and post surgical care, to assist with consultations, and to provide certain types of physician-supervised care treatments. Training and qualifications in facial anatomy are usually required for this type of employment.

Aestheticians working for hospitals may also get benefit packages, including health insurance, dental insurance, and a 401(k). Benefits packages can increase their annual salary by several thousand dollars.

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