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What to Use Instead of Groupon to Attract Aesthetic Patients

groupon alternatives Last month, we discussed how detrimental Groupon is not only to the aesthetic industry but to the patients it serves as well. The draw to Groupon is to be able to offer discounted services and get new patients in the door. However, as we discovered, the clients you receive from Groupon might not be the legacy clients you’re looking for.

So how do you offer discounts or rewards to your patients without cheapening your brand and attracting the wrong patients?

There are many other ways to offer value to your patients. Here are some of our favorite Groupon alternatives:

  • “Frequent Flyer” Programs: Both Allergan and Galderma offer rewards programs where you receive points for every treatment you receive. You can then redeem those points for savings. These programs are great for not only your patients but can be beneficial to your practice as well.
  • Holiday and Seasonal Promotions: You can offer different promotions around holidays or different seasons in order to attract patients. For example, host a promotion around the winter holidays in December, especially because that’s a great time to get a treatment done.
  • Referral programs: Reward your patients for bringing in their friends and family. Offer them a complimentary or discounted service.
  • Gift cards: Gift cards ensure people will keep coming back. Offer a gift card as a reward for spending a certain amount or having a certain number of treatments. Or, offer a discount on gift cards for patients to give as gifts to their friends and family.
  • VIP exclusives: Offer an event for your patients. You can even offer them an exclusive new look or even an opportunity to try a new treatment. Ask your patients to bring a friend along that’s not a patient yet.
  • Date based promotions: Send your patients a gift on their birthday or on the anniversary of their treatment.

There are many ways you can add value to your patients and future patients that don’t include Groupon. You can offer discounts and reward programs of your own. Make sure you advertise your program or discounts so that both returning and new patients are aware of your offerings. Coach your staff on how it works and make sure they upsell it as well. Whatever you do, make it as easy as possible for your staff and your patients to understand, sign up for, etc. Don’t over complicate it.