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What Will You Learn By Enrolling In Aesthetics Advancements Facial Anatomy Lab?

The Facial Anatomy Lab offers an excellent educational foundation regarding facial anatomy pertinent to aesthetic injectable procedures. It’s an educational video, available for both PCs and Macs.

Why take the Facial Anatomy Lab?

Facial Anatomy The aesthetic industry is growing, with demand for skin rejuvenation techniques leading to the development of cutting-edge treatments. More and more products are being cleared by the FDA, including long-term and even permanent dermal fillers. “Liquid face lifts” are becoming very popular.

Unfortunately, there are many unethical, unqualified practitioners bringing the aesthetic profession into disrepute by performing unsafe procedures using dermal fillers. They may use counterfeit or unapproved products, they have little knowledge of facial anatomy, and they will have unsatisfactory (if not disastrous) results.

The public is becoming aware of these issues, and there is a widespread and growing demand for qualified, ethical aesthetic clinicians.

It’s crucial that reputable aesthetic clinicians gain a thorough knowledge of their profession. Therefore an extensive knowledge of facial structure and musculature is necessary for any clinician planning to offer facial rejuvenation treatments, including the wrinkle-smoothing injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A, and the skin-firming, collagen-producing dermal filler treatments.

What the Facial Anatomy Lab covers

Aesthetics Advancements students will receive an in-depth look at actual facial musculature and tissues, and will develop their knowledge of facial anatomy.

The Facial Anatomy Lab is a CME/CE accredited e-learning course. Once logged in to the online learning process, students will observe a live dissection of a cadaver head. This visually-stimulating lesson is proven to enhance the learning experience.

The instructor will identify the key facial musculature, tissues and nerves, particularly those enhanced by facial aesthetics. The key landmarks for administering safe, effective facial aesthetic procedures will also be identified.

The instructors will highlight the areas where injections with neurotoxins and dermal fillers are safe and effective.

The student will also learn what adverse effects may occur with injections of neurotoxins and dermal fillers.

There will be a test after the Facial Anatomy Lab video (or PowerPoint presentation). Students must achieve at least 70% to pass. There is also a post-test evaluation.

Who should take the Facial Anatomy Lab?

The Facial Anatomy Lab will meet the educational needs of aesthetic clinicians, and other professionals involved in the care of patients undergoing medical aesthetic procedures. Physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and dentists will all benefit from taking this course.

Clinicians registered to attend a live, hands-on instructional course by Global-change? and AAI are required to take this Facial Anatomy Lab as their mandatory pre-study.