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Where do I buy aesthetic injectable products?

Injectables have become a staple of many aesthetic clinics, which also means their supply chain and cost are critical pieces of a clinic’s operation. It’s worth your time and money to make sure you’re purchasing injectables from the correct sources – the manufacturers. This will also help you stay up to date on the manufacturers themselves and their new products. The outcomes will be satisfied patients and an aesthetics practice people will want to trust with their health and appearance.

According to McKinsey, aesthetic injectables have historically grown by 10% per year. That’s an impressive statistic that’s only going to improve. If McKinsey is right, it’ll increase to 12% – 14% per year in the next five years. Build a practice you can be proud of and get the largest possible market share by always prioritizing patient safety and quality care.

Before you begin buying injectables, take time to plan. Knowing the products you’ll need, how many/much you’ll need, and when you’ll need them will help you plan and time your orders to meet client expectations. It could also prevent paying rush fees. Determining order details will get easier over time. Track your client demand data to simplify this process.

Buying injectables straight from the companies that make them and know them best gives you the advantage of buying from the most complete product offering of legitimate and legal products with guaranteed quality. It eliminates any intermediaries and always gets you the best information about the products. This will mean you’ll have to work with multiple vendors, but building a reputation of high quality care and stellar patient results will be well worth the effort in an industry that’s all about trust and giving clients the results they want without complication.

If you’re ever uncertain about a vendor, do your research to ensure you’re purchasing the product from the right company. Aside from the company name, the main indicator that you should question the vendor is dramatically lower prices. Don’t fall for that. The consequences of not buying from the manufacturer wouldn’t be just damage to your reputation, which could ruin your business. You could also end up with huge financial penalties and prison time.

To get the best products at the best prices, be a good partner for the manufacturers, know your market, and check with your professional organizations for any manufacturer discounts they may offer.