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Winter Skin Care Mistakes

The winter months are among us which means dry, cool, windier weather. Most people don’t know that they must change their skin care routine for the winter, especially in those states that have bitter winters. It’s important to educate your patients about their skin and how to properly care for it when the seasons change. Even more so, if your patients are having any sort of treatment done, it’s crucial to educate them on proper after care of their skin during colder months.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that most people make with their skin during the winter months:

  1. Excessive exfoliation – A lot of people may try to erase the damage from the summer months and enhance their skin’s radiance by using exfoliators like they do the rest of the year. However, if it’s not done slowly and steadily, the skin may react and become red, blotchy, and itchy, especially if your skin is already sensitive to the change in weather. Gentle exfoliation will help remove those dead skin cells though and bring new ones to the surface, which will ensure the moisturizer is able to do its job more effectively.
  2. Skipping the SPF – People think that just because the sun isn’t out and shining 24/7, they can just skimp on the sunscreen. That is furthest from the truth. It is vital to continue to use sunscreen throughout the year. While you may not get a sunburn, your skin is still susceptible to sun exposure.
  3. Hot Showers – Colder weather = hotter showers. But hot showers are one of the worst things for our skin. It drains the skin of moisture and strips it of its natural oils, making the skin even drier. Another key tip is to moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower, while your skin is still hydrated
  4. Using the same products year round – In the winter, it is best to use creamier moisturizers that are full of ceramides, shea butter, or hyaluronic acid. It may also be wise to switch out your normal facial cleanser for a creamier or oil-based version.
  5. Ignoring the body – it’s important to not ignore your extremities: your hands, your feet, your lips, etc. The cold weather has an effect on the entire body.

If you have a patient who has had any sort of treatment done and you are in a place that deals with cold, harsh, windy weather, it’s important to educate your patients about proper skin care. It can help with the effects of aging on skin while keeping the skin looking healthy and glowing!