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Coronavirus Update

As many parts of the country have begun to slowly reopen after the COVID-19 outbreak, we here at Aesthetic Advancements are continuing to monitor the current restrictions and reopening guidelines in each state.  Beginning in late May, we will resume offering on-site, private training courses* and small group trainings at some of our national training centers.  All courses, both private or nationally scheduled, will be offered for groups of no more than 5 participants (or less if required by individual state guidelines).  Courses at this time will only be conducted in states where stay-at-home or shelter in place orders have been lifted and where elective procedures have been allowed to resume in the appropriate capacity.

Each training, whether privately held at a participant’s facility or held at one of our national training centers, will follow updated safety protocols and guidelines set forth to ensure a safe training environment for our clinical instructors, course participants and their models.  Each participant and patient model will be screened with a list of personal health and safety questions prior to entering the training facility.  Additionally, participants and our clinical instructors must abide by social distancing guidelines and will be seated at least 6 feet apart during the lecture portion of the course.  During the entire afternoon hands-on portion of the training all participants and clinical instructors will be required to wear face masks to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility.  To view the full list of health and safety protocols for our reopening, please click here.

We will remain diligent in monitoring the current situation on a day-by-day and state-by-state basis, and our course schedule will be continuously updated to reflect changes in current state guidelines.  If you are interested in attending a small group training, please take a look at our course calendar at https://aestheticadvancements.com/course-calendar/.  If interested in scheduling a private training course, please email acamp@aestheticadvancements.com or call 800-714-4811.

*On-site, private training courses may only be conducted in medical practices following all current state and federal guidelines and public health sanitation recommendations.