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Why is Getting the Right Injectable Training Important When You’re First Getting Started

Aesthetic procedures are medical procedures that should be conducted by a medical professional. That being said, it is crucial to receive the proper injectable training when you are just getting into the aesthetics field. Not everyone can just start offering injectable treatments. There is a training process that is critical to go through and continued medical education that you should take to make sure you are offering your patients the utmost professional care.

At Advanced Aesthetics Institute, we offer training for medical professionals on dermal fillers, neurotoxins, sclerotherapy, and more. Our training help medical professionals be fully informed on not only the procedures and treatments but everything else you should be aware of when performing them. Some of these include:

  • Patient’s Medical History: Understanding a patient’s medical history is crucial to ensuring the success of an aesthetic procedure. This includes drug history, social history, family history, psychiatric history, surgical history, allergies, and more. As we mentioned, aesthetic procedures are medical procedures and all medical history is relevant to avoid adverse events or side effects. If they are taking certain medications or supplements, it could have an effect on the healing process so it’s necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of their history.
  • Potential adverse events: If anything should go wrong, which with proper training we hope to avoid, we train our students on how to handle adverse events. Adverse events include, but are not limited to abscesses, infection, nodules, advanced swelling or bruising, paresthesia, necrosis and more. With trained professionals, these adverse effects are very uncommon, but they still happen, and you must be trained to handle them and have protocols in place or more damage can ensue.
  • The Consult: We’ve talked many times before about the importance of the aesthetic consult. During a patient consult, it is critical to manage expectations for your patient. Managing expectations can help ensure the patient is satisfied when they leave the office. The consult is also where you go over medical history, as well as explain possible side effects. Giving your patient all the necessary information on the procedure or treatment is crucial to the success of the treatment. The consult is an important aspect in the overall treatment and mastering the art of the consult is just one aspect of proper training.

Being properly trained in aesthetic treatments and procedures helps protect your reputation and avoid possible malpractice situations. Even just one incident can damage your entire reputation so it’s important to avoid those situations as much as possible. Proper training can prevent this from happening.

Aesthetic procedures are medical procedures, and when you pick up a syringe, your patient’s health and their looks, are in your hands and that is why we stress the importance of proper training. If you are interested in one of our training programs, visit our website for more information. Our extensive training programs will help ensure you are ready to perform these aesthetic procedures and make your patients happy.