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How to Keep Up with the Retail Environment

Aside from injections, treatments, surgical, and non-surgical aesthetic treatments, you are in the business of helping your clients. This includes recommending certain products for their daily regimen to create lasting results and long-term effects. But, how do you make your clients listen to you over the media and the retail environment, proclaiming their products are the best? Your business relies on the sales of products and treatments as well, so how do you keep up with the saturated skin care and aesthetic industry?

aesthetic industry Change your language: Sometimes you need to modify your language when talking to your patients in order to motivate them to follow your recommendation. Sometimes this means talking more about the results they will see over time, rather than discussing the actual ingredients of the product. The retail environment does this very well. They focus almost exclusively on the benefits of their product. By framing your conversation with your patient about the benefits and what they can expect, you are able to establish your expertise.

Personalize it: Some of the best retail beauty products offer personalization for the individual and their specific needs. Sometimes that includes a survey, having a consultant choose your products exclusively for you, etc. So when you are discussing what products your patient should use, make it personal. Let them know you are personalizing their treatment, and will recommend products specifically unique to them.

Follow Up: After your patient has been using a certain product for a few weeks, give them a call and follow up with them on it. Ask them how they like it, if they think it’s working. If they are unhappy, provide further recommendations. You want your patients to rely on you and your expertise.

Use the seasons in your favor: Just like we discussed a few weeks ago, adjust your marketing tactics and your conversations with patients around the different seasons, and what skin care products are best for the different seasons. Following these types of trends will help you establish expertise with your clients.

Keep up with trends: Check out what huge retailers are focusing their marketing on, and base your efforts off of them. Some examples are the anti-aging trend, or the real or true beauty trend. Use these types of buzzwords when talking to your clients.

You need your clients to listen to you, to follow your advice about what products to use to support the procedures you perform and create lasting results. This is becoming increasingly hard when patients can get the newest product online promising the best results, specially tailored for them, and sometimes cheaper. With these tips, you should be able to become a resource for your clients and patients so that they rely on you for recommendations of products.