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Planning Ahead for the Holidays

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to set our sights on the next year and how you can best position yourself to succeed during the next holiday season. Some of you may still even be feeling the effects of the holiday drop-off. The earlier you start your planning for the holidays, the more successful you will be through those slow months. Think about the following ideas for next year:

First, read our tips on how to boost sales during the holidays.

Calendar with dates of month Now, it’s time to start planning ahead. People are going to want to look great for the holidays with all the social gatherings and holiday parties. These potential clients are going to want to receive their treatments early enough so they have time to heal. Therefore, they’ll probably want to come in October and November when the holidays haven’t fully consumed them, and it gives them a chance to heal. This is a great marketing tool as well: look great just in time for the holiday season! These months leading up to the holidays could, in fact, be some of your busiest months if you market it right. It can make up for the slower times during the holidays.

For patients that come in the earlier months, you can offer them discounts and packages, and encourage them to come back in December or January. If you put an expiration date on a coupon, for example, they will have to come back before January to redeem the coupon. This will ensure you are getting patients in the door during those slow times. It’s also a great time to upsell products or gift cards as potential and easy gifts that could alleviate their Christmas shopping.

If you plan ahead and implement some other tools during the holidays and before, you are sure to have a successful holiday season that continues on into the next year.