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Tips to prep your medical spa for the winter months

Winter is coming: How medical spas can prep for the season ahead

Winter can be a bustling time for medical spa owners. Clients may be booking their treatments to prep for holiday parties and family gatherings. However, winter can also usher in a slower season of business and revenue. Many spas notice sales dip in January and February. To avoid the winter medical spa blues, we’ve prepared some take-action tips to make the colder season lucrative for your medical spa practice.

Everyone loves a holiday party: Host one at the spa

As a medical spa owner, the holidays can be a great time to experiment with different marketing tactics. If things have slowed down, think of hosting an in-person open house. This could be holiday themed or even a New Year, New You theme for January!

The key to hosting an open house event at your medical spa is to make sure it is fun and engaging. Avoid pushing sales all night; instead, focus on bringing people together and building relationships with your guests.

If you are hosting an open house event, consider offering a free gift or discount for those who RSVP before the event. This can help get more people interested in attending your party!

You may also want to offer giveaways during the evening so that clients leave with something more than just a good time—a free treatment, free samples, or even a free consult with your experts.

You could also provide mini facials or mini treatments during the open house to give clients a chance to experience a bit of what you offer.

Ensure your spa is a warm, inviting place to be

If you’re located in a cold climate, it can be hard to maintain the same level of comfort that you have during warmer months. To make sure your spa is a warm and inviting place to be, consider these tips:

  • Lighting matters. Consider holiday lights, candles and other fragrant decorations to create a cozy environment for guests.
  • Scent can make or break an atmosphere. Make sure that scents aren’t overpowering but do affect how guests perceive the experience of being at your spa. You may even want to opt for essential oils for a more natural scent.
  • Music helps set the mood for any encounter with clients or customers so ensure there is background music playing during hours when clients are present.

A trip to a medical spa is meant to be a nourishing experience, so these sensory tips really matter. It will pay off in repeat visits and referrals.

Make sure your clients know that summer skin prep starts in the winter months

As winter kicks into swing, it’s time to prep your clients for summer. I know it’s hard to believe that their summer glow will come from their winter prep routine. But it takes time!

  • Educate your clients that body contouring treatments can take months to see results and that they should start now if they want a healthy, glowing body all year round.
  • Also, laser treatments are excellent during the winter months when sun exposure is more easily managed.

Winter can be a thriving season for your medical spa

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and that it will help you prep your medical spa for the winter months.