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What Will You Learn at Aesthetic Advancements?

The comprehensive range of aesthetic courses offered by Aesthetic Advancements will equip you with the hands on training and qualifications to provide exceptional nonsurgical aesthetic services. Aesthetic Advancements courses are appropriate for mid-level practitioners and physicians wanting to become thoroughly versed in all areas of nonsurgical medical aesthetics.

Education At Aesthetic Advancements

Facial Anatomy Lab

The Facial Anatomy Lab Online Cadaver Course is essential for any practitioner offering facial aesthetic procedures. It is a CME/CE accredited course.

This course provides a thorough understanding of facial tissues and musculature with a live dissection of a cadaver head. You will be able to identify the key facial landmarks used when locating the facial areas most appropriate for injecting neurotoxins, and the areas most appropriate for injecting dermal fillers.

Botulinum Toxin Type A Cosmetic and Dermal Filler

Clinicians with minimal to no experience should take the “Fundamental Instructional Course in the Aesthetic Applications of BTX-A and Dermal Fillers: Combined Use”.

The course covers a review of facial anatomy and physiology, which enables you to determine the most appropriate injection site for each patient. It consists of step by step, detailed instructions for injecting FDA approved neurotoxins (Botox or Dysport) and FDA approved dermal fillers.

You will have one-on-one training in injecting techniques, tailored to your pre-existing experience.

Aesthetic practitioners who have at least one year’s experience using FDA approved injectable dermal fillers and FDA approved neurotoxins will benefit from the Advanced Instructional Course.

Clinical Skin Care

The Foundations of Clinical Skin Care is a full day course which enables nonsurgical aesthetic clinicians to fully understand the science behind chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

The morning session details treatment options and products, and the afternoon session consists of live demonstrations of current practices, and in depth discussions.

Aesthetic Lasers

The Fundamentals of Aesthetic Lasers is a full day course which equips practitioners with an understanding of the science behind aesthetic laser physics.

The morning session covers laser physics, procedures, precautions, and safety standards where laser tissue interaction is explained. The afternoon session focuses on demonstrations of some laser systems, with interactive discussions.

All aesthetic clinicians who will be working with lasers must take laser safety training.


The 8.5 hour “Sclerotherapy: Cosmetic Telangiectasias of the Lower Extremities” course teaches the gold standard treatment for reticular veins and telangectasias. As with all Aesthetic Advancements courses, this is both learning and hands on.

Facial and leg vein pathophysiology, anatomy and physiology; current treatments, safety issues, and complications; and how to set up your Sclerotherapy practice are covered. Practical learning includes practising sclerotherapy injection treatments.