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Starting a Medical Spa

Receptionist at medical office

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a medical spa or you’re already excited about a new idea for how you’d do it. Either way, it’s worth learning more about what […]

Body Contouring Treatments

Woman laying on stomach in white bikini getting Body Contouring Treatments

Patients may seek out body contouring for a variety of reasons. They’ve lost weight, but it hasn’t helped their lower tummy. They want smoother thighs before the summer season. Whatever […]

Become an Employer of Choice

A director and student shaking hands

We started 2020 with ideas and predictions for the future of work, as far as business was concerned. We ended 2020 with the Great Resignation and the struggle to find […]

Top Skincare Technology Tools

Woman in robe smiling at her cell phone with mirror behind her

Two forms of technology in the beauty industry are software tools and the hardware tools that use technology to operate. It is important to be aware of these tools should […]

The “Clean” Movement and Your Practice

Beauty skin care woman natural makeup female model closeup

One trend sweeping across nearly every category of consumable anything is the “clean” movement. People supporting the clean movement want to know the products they use are free from harsh […]

Five 2022 healthcare trends to watch

Young black woman smiling putting on face cream

The beauty industry has continued to innovate and evolve, despite the pandemic and its many health-related complications. If your clients are following the predicted trends, you could see a lot […]

How To Handle Patient Complaints

Worried practitioner wearing stethoscope with her hand covering her face sitting in front of lap top

We don’t live in a perfect world (I know, shocking!) So there are always going to be a few patient complaints in your lifetime. It’s unavoidable, but it’s your response […]