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Certifications in Aesthetic Nursing

Nurses go by many names in the Aesthetic nursing industry: Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Master Injector, Aesthetic Nurse Injector, Cosmetic Injector, etc. Unfortunately, these names don’t necessarily mean much to patients […]

Negotiating Your Worth as an Aesthetic Nurse

Getting information regarding the average pay of an aesthetic practitioner isn’t particularly easy. People don’t often share their pay and even when they do, results can vary greatly depending on […]

What’s All the Hype About Microcannulas?

If you are an experienced aesthetic practitioner, microcannulas live up to the hype for several reasons. We teach cannula techniques in our master’s level courses. Cannulas are one great tool […]

Aesthetic Nursing Within Legal Limitations

New aesthetic practices may overlook a make-or-break standard business practice – establishing protocols and practice guidelines for procedures. If this seems obvious and you are rolling your eyes, you might […]

5 Tips for Attracting Aesthetic Clients

Building a Clientele examples on a vintage chalkboard

No matter what it is that you’re offering to a prospective buyer, it must be marketed right to even gain the attention it deserves. This is especially true among markets […]

How to Market Yourself as an Aesthetician

Nurse with crossed arms beside bubble with doctor and nurse examining a woman's face

Non-surgical aesthetic rejuvenation is becoming even more popular. Many people, particularly women, are choosing to fight the signs of aging without resorting to plastic surgery. This has created a large […]

What is the Salary of a Licensed Aesthetician?

Woman giving massage to male patient with The Salary of a Licensed Aesthetician label

The salary for licensed aestheticians varies depending on their qualifications, experience and for whom they are working. As a general rule, the better qualified aesthetic clinicians, with the most experience, […]